About Us

It is a pleasure to welcome you! My name is Capt. Peter Haskell, and of course I haven’t always been a Captain. I was born on the East End of Long Island where growing up fishing and being on the water were everyday parts of life. It wasn’t long until I would own my first runabout boat, get my first taste of independence, and find my first dose of responsibility to keep the boat running! As a boy with inspiration, as you might imagine, I became well known in the neighborhood for my door-to-door red wagon cooler sales of todays seafood I had caught and the fresh garden vegetables I had grown. From that point on, I would hone my skills in fishing, become a Captain, create my own fishing business, and become observant to things I thought were missing in the world of seafood. I often wondered why there was a disconnect from the moment a fish was caught to when it became a meal, with so many opportunities to make that missing link an incredible experience…

Why Not Create the Connection?

Three decades later, with a lifetime of experience in fishing and seafood preparation, the clear answer to my own question was to create and found Haskell’s Seafood! Haskell’s Seafood is committed to bringing the bounties and seasonal seafood harvests of the North Atlantic right to your front door. Focusing on small batches and sustainable fishing methods, Haskell’s Seafood offers the freshest tastes of our region prepared for your table immediately from harvest. Our rich maritime history and culture provide a year round path to experience the purest seafoods and natural ingredients of each changing season on the East End of Long Island. Haskell’s Seafood is not an idea, but a way of life that speaks honestly, with purity, and carries tradition. Our vision is to boundlessly reach all of our customers directly, hear your seafood stories as we share ours, and continue this maritime tradition together!

How Does Haskell’s Seafood Do it?

Haskell’s Seafood takes every step to create an incredible seafood experience for you. It all begins with our approach to handling fresh caught seafood. We minimize the transportation and handling of seafood, starting at the moment of harvest. Our seafood is immediately brought under ice to our pristine facility within minutes and without delay. This contributes to our superior quality and minimal impact on the environment. Once our small batch of seafood arrives, it is trimmed, prepared, and portioned in an immaculate and boutique process. This is how Haskell’s Seafood provides unsurpassable quality and brings home the North Atlantic seafood experience as if you were right here!

When and Where Can I Get Haskell’s Seafood?

Haskell’s Seafood is available 365 days a year and is delivered right to your front door. We invite you to smell the sweet and salty air, taste the briny sea, and feel the elements as our auspicious winds seasonally turn direction. On a warm summer day or a cold winter night, all of our seasonal offerings speak this language for you to experience.

What Is the Secret to Haskell’s Seafood?

There is no secret, but a passion. Haskell’s Seafood is passionate about being pure. We develop our natural flavors by making seafood stocks from scratch and never allow for sacrifices of quality along the way. We believe there is no reason to compromise something that started as ideal, but to elevate it. We have a deep appreciation for our seafood and a responsibility to our natural resources that is always kept. Being immersed in our environment every day is to participate, respect, and be connected. Connected not only to our seafood but to those who experience and enjoy it with us. That connection is our every day commitment to you.